Composite Decks

Composite Trex - Denver Deck Builders

Want a great looking deck, but don’t want to commit to the maintenance required to care for wood?

Composite is the perfect solution! 

Composite does not splinter, warp, or ware the way wood does. It is resilient to the abuse of pets, kids, and harsh weather conditions. Composite doesn’t require staining, painting, or sealing the way wood does. In fact, the only maintenance you might perform is giving it a quick rinse with a hose when it gets dirty.

Besides being low maintenance, composite decking also lends itself to truly unique and creative design. The bendable material can be used to create curved steps or benchesrounded deck corners, and wavy design elements. The massive color selection can be used to incorporate contrasting boarders, eye catching patterns, and other artistic features into your deck design.

Composite Trex - Denver Deck Builders - Brown with Rod Iron
Composite Trex - Denver Deck Builders - Grey

We’re one of Colorado’s top Trex builders. Our team is made up of experienced deck builders led by Certified Professional Engineers, we are able to create a variety of Trex deck styles to suit your needs. As well as standard designs, we are able to complete a custom deck work that's tailored to your premises and your ideas.

Trex offers a wide variety of looks and colors to make your dream deck a reality.